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Restaurant Review Site Tabelog Announces the Winners of the San Francisco Bay Area Summer 2014 Tabelog Restaurants Awards

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

Tabelog, Inc. has announced the winners of its summer 2014 Tabelog Restaurant Awards, hosted by the companys restaurant review site. The top food bloggers from the San Francisco Bay Area came together as a judges panel to select the top restaurants in five fun and informative categories. The winners are awarded with an exclusive Tabelog Restaurant Award for their restaurant along with all of the exposure associated with hundreds of blogs and thousands of followers.

The awards are hosted by restaurant review site which is the US version of the 50 million member website in Japan. Launched April 2013, Tabelog aims to bring high quality reviews of restaurants in US to food lovers, enlisting the help of top food bloggers, critics, and industry experts.

From a business lunch to a date night, Tabelog is the place to learn about restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. A typical restaurant review on Tabelog has multiple paragraphs of information and photos of the decor, menus, and of course the food. Food experts review everything from their favorite dish and how it was prepared to what desserts they recommend. You can also learn what to expect of restaurants, how to dress and sometimes even the history of the restaurants and the chef. If you want to impress at dinner, these reviews are second only to eating there itself.

Tabelog calculates restaurant rankings using an algorithm based on both user reviews and point-based ratings. This allows its users to find restaurants rated highest by local food experts by area or type of cuisine.

Here are the winners of the Tabelog Restaurant Awards:

Tabelog Restaurant Awards San Francisco Bay Area Summer 2014 Results

Best Brunch

New Research Shows How Parents Can Save Over $400 Per Child Per School Year with Reusable, Waste-Free Lunches

Plantation, FL (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Wild Mint, an eco-friendly, healthy living company, has released a Lunch Savers guide to help inform parents on ways they can save money, their health, and the environment with reusable, waste-free lunches this back to school season. The guide contains research about the differences between a disposable lunch, containing materials such as plastic baggies, paper napkins and disposable bottles, and a reusable, waste-free lunch, where everything can be eaten, reused, recycled or composted.

One of their most striking findings is that parents can save over $ 400 per child per school year by packing a reusable, waste-free lunch over a disposable one. When it comes to lunch gear, choosing reusable contents can help parents save money over time by only having to purchase the products once instead of the purchase-then-toss cycle that results from disposable gear. Monetary savings can also come from the food packed in a reusable lunch. For example, parents can save money by purchasing a large box of crackers instead of individual packs, a jar of juice instead of juice boxes, and fresh cut fruit instead of fruit cups.

The guide also details numerous health and environmental benefits for families who forgo disposable lunches for healthier, reusable ones:

Health Benefits

Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A., Alerts Consumers About Bleeding Risks Linked to Xarelto Blood Thinner Drug

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

Drug injury attorney Jeffrey D. DeCarlo of Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A., has learned that Xarelto lawsuits already have been filed alleging the blood-thinning medication caused uncontrolled bleeding, according to a Reuters report on June 14.

Reuters reports lawsuits have been filed in the United States, as of June 14, 2014. According to court records, one lawsuit was filed February 24 on behalf of Virginia Stuntebeck, a Kentucky woman who alleged she suffered severe internal bleeding related to the use of Xarelto.

Court records state that Stuntebecks suit against Janssen Research & Development and Bayer Corp. alleges she suffered severe bleeding requiring hospitalization after being prescribed Xarelto in July 2012 to treat an irregular heartbeat. (Stuntebeck v. Janssen Research & Development LLC et al, Case Number 140201754; Court: Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas).

Another recent lawsuit alleges Nancy Packards husband, William N. Packard of Florida, died because of uncontrollable bleeding after being exposed to Xarelto (Nancy Packard v. Janssen Research & Development LLC et al; Case Number 9:14cv80831; U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida).

According to a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medication guide, Xarelto can cause potentially serious bleeding and may lead to death.

The FDA recommends that Xarelto users who have experienced any of the following side effects call their doctor or get immediate medical help if they develop any of the signs or symptoms of bleeding. Some of the signs include reoccurring nose bleeds; unusual bleeding from the gums; heavier-than-normal menstrual bleeding; and red, pink or brown urine, among other symptoms.

DeCarlo, who has handled complex drug injury claims, said people who have experienced adverse side effects of any medication should consult with an attorney to learn about their rights.

A serious injury or a fatality due to exposure to a drug can lead to serious financial hardship, emotional distress and other losses, DeCarlo said. Attorneys can help people pursue the compensation they need so they can get on with their lives.


The Reuters article cited is Bayer faces law suits in United States over Xarelto: paper.

About Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A.

Attorney Jeffrey D. DeCarlo is a nationally recognized pharmaceutical injury lawyer who has protected the rights of injury victims for over 15 years. His office is in Miami, Fla., but he serves clients throughout the State of Florida and the United States. Attorney Jeffrey D. DeCarlo is a member of both the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, reserved for a small percentage of attorneys who have secured multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. In addition to handling dangerous drug claims, attorney Jeffrey D. DeCarlo accepts cases involving medical malpractice, defective medical devices, car accidents and catastrophic personal injury.

Jeffrey D. DeCarlo, P.A.

4500 Biscayne Blvd #201

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 572-0065



The Sorted Food guys show Ruth Crilly how to make a delicious calzone with bresaola beef – a healthy alternative to a pizza. Find the recipe here: http://sor…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Something remarkable is happening in the fields and orchards of the Pacific Northwest. Family farmers are making a comeback – growing much healthier food and…
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Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Launches New Spice Healthy Eat Healthy Consumer Club

Milford, NH (PRWEB) July 30, 2014

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends is excited to announce the introduction of their new Spice Healthy Eat Healthy club. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are made using only the highest quality ingredients and have no fillers or preservatives, no MSG, and are low in carbohydrates. Most Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are made with no salt or sugar and are recipe ready for easy preparation when cooking with seafood, beef, pork or poultry.

Are you sick and tired of cooking the same old things for dinner every night and watching your children roll their eyes or say oh no, not that again? Let Healthy Solutions Spice Blends free you from the boredom of preparing those same old dishes every night and turn them into culinary marvels that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

How? Its never been easier. Join the Spice Healthy Eat Healthy club today and receive 20% off the first order of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends and start cooking your family affordable, but even more importantly, healthy meals that can be prepared in minutes. Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are the perfect solution for the daily challenges parents face every day when mealtime rolls around.

Furthermore, members of the Spice Healthy Eat Healthy club will receive via e-mail a quarterly newsletter, recipes, special product offers, new product announcements, promotions and news about Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.

Were very excited to be introducing the Spice Healthy Eat Healthy club to consumers across the United States. The Spice Healthy Eat Healthy club will be an excellent way to communicate with our customers and to share recipe ideas using Healthy Solutions Spice Blends. I cant wait to see how our customers use our spice blends, stated Shelly Wolcott, owner of Healthy Solutions Spice Blends.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends recently launched a new and improved company website,, that provides consumers with over 50 recipes to use for in the kitchen or grilling in your backyard.

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends are an excellent choice not only for families, but also for a variety of consumers looking to spice up their lives:

ClubLink Reports Increased Business Due to Popularity of Golf Club Weddings in Ontario

Muskoka, Ontario (PRWEB) August 01, 2014

According to Canadas largest owner and operator of golf clubs, ClubLink Corporation (, golf club and golf resort weddings are big business. While much of the general resort vacation accommodation business has remained more or less stagnant post recession, the resort wedding sector has trended ahead year after year. ClubLink golf courses and other competing courses have figured out that wedding business is a perfect match to compliment the golf business, and a profitable one at that.

Many couples these days lead busy, dual income lives, so when planning their wedding, they want turnkey services along with the facility rental, including food services, wedding photography, flower arrangements, entertainment, bar service, marriage ceremony service, limousine/transportation services, on-site decorating services and wedding party accommodations. Couples are also attracted to Ontario resort and golf club wedding venues for the beautiful waterfront or golf course backdrops they provide. Diverse cultures are also looking at hosting wedding receptions at golf courses and ClubLink has reacted to this trend with menus to suit all types of ethnic catering requirements.Venues that can bundle or partner to provide turnkey wedding services tend to be preferred and have an advantage, as do wedding facilities that can offer wedding clients a selection of options ranging from base facility rental to lavish formal affairs with all the bells and whistles. Wedding reception venue costs are approximately 60% of total wedding budget, ClubLink has recognized this and customizes to couples needs. New golf courses and full service resorts tend to plan wedding and group facilities and services into their projects as a key revenue producing element of the business.

Weddings are good business because, invariably, accommodation and green fees spin off extra dollars to the golf resort and bolster local economies surrounding the wedding facility, states Robin Cawkell, ClubLink Manager of Catering Sales. It is expected that over 180,000 Canadian couples will get married in 2014 and about 10% of those will choose destination weddings. The cost of a wedding has risen 20% since 2008. The average wedding size is 140 people and that equates to some big operating revenues for ClubLink golf courses and resorts. We dont take this business for granted. We market very hard to create awareness about golf course wedding venues … but its a solid business and one that is growing. Marriages are always in fashion and couples want their guests to be comfortable and remember their special day, says Cawkell.

In 2013, ClubLink golf courses and resorts booked 385 weddings, up from 268 in 2012. Their many golf club and resort locations offer over 40 different wedding venues. Having so many properties in Ontario, Quebec and Florida located in or close to large urban centres like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Fort Lauderdale, allows ClubLink to provide consumers with a variety of options when searching for their ideal wedding location. At ClubLink, we offer lots of choice in many different upscale venues with the common elements being exquisite facilities, highly trained hospitality service staff and top notch chef prepared cuisine … our goal is to consistently deliver the winning formula for dream weddings where each wedding is custom and meets the exact needs of the couple. Our facilities can be booked by ClubLink members and non members for weddings and other group events. Golf club and resort weddings are a very popular trend that, we anticipate, will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, says Cawkell.

About ClubLink Corporation: One membership more golf; that is the concept behind ClubLink, Canadas largest owner and operator of golf clubs. With 55.5 18-hole equivalent championship and six 18-hole equivalent academy courses in 45 locations in Ontario, Quebec and Florida, ClubLink members have access to many of the finest courses in North America. Each ClubLink golf club property offers an exceptional golfing experience, combining scenic and meticulously maintained golf courses with beautiful clubhouse facilities that are second to none. ClubLinks resort properties, which include renowned Muskoka resorts; The Lake Joseph Club, Rocky Crest Golf Resort and Sherwood Inn on Lake Joseph, and partner resorts in Mont-Tremblant and Florida, offer the best in resort accommodations, amenities, fine dining and service. For more information about ClubLink resort and golf club weddings, visit ( or call 1-800-661-1818.

Contact Information:

Marie Witten

ClubLink Corporation

15675 Dufferin Street

King City ON L7B 1K5



Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review Exposes Dave Ruels Nutrition Guide for Bodybuilding and Fitness

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 27, 2014

According to the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook review recently updated by, this is a comprehensive nutrition guide for bodybuilding and fitness. This book consists of a wide range of recipes for building more lean muscle mass and getting ripped fast within a few weeks.

Vkool writes in its review that this book uncovers to readers the reason why nutrition is the most important part of building a lean muscular physique. The book also includes a lot of tips and advice on how to make muscles grow and burn stubborn belly fat. In addition, inside this book, people will discover top 5 misconceptions about cooking and eating for weight loss.

Vkool also informs in its review that the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook will teach people how to cook tasty and healthy meals, and how to achieve bodybuilding goals quickly. The book also reveals to readers the secret of cooking healthy muscle-building meals, which help promote athletic performances, rapid fat loss, and lean muscle mass gains.

Anabolic Cooking Cookbook, as it is reviewed now by Vkool, was developed by Dave Ruel, a nutritionist and fitness expert. Since Dave Ruel released the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook, many people have used it to find the best way to promote muscle building and fat loss.

The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook review also shows that this book is currently available online, with some special bonuses from Dave Ruel, such as:

Root Vegetables & Winter Fruits

Have you ever been wandering through your local farmers market or produce area of your super market and see those bizarre looking root vegetables and wonder what the heck they are and how do you eat them?

Root vegetables were a very significant staple throughout the colder months during a time when lettuces and zucchini were not available in months of December, January and February. Thankfully that time has passed and we are able to enjoy these lovely treats with some leafy greens, crisp peppers or squashes.

We decided that there are too many amazing root vegetables and fall fruits that do not get enough credit and should go unnoticed or unused no longer. Below you will find a quick guide to some of our favorites over here at Epic. We hope that at the end of this you are feeling a lot less intimidated about the crazy looking fruits and vegetables and that a whole new world of produce is opened up to you.

Some of our fall favorites that you can find on our menus are Kumquats, Quince, Salsify and Celeriac.
Let’s start with Kumquats; these tiny little orange fruits are both sweet and sour. The skin is edible and is actually where all of the sweetness comes from. You can chop and mince these with some parsley, capers and horseradish to make an impressive relish or muddled with Cachaca and sugar to make a Caipirinha.

Quince is a misunderstood fruit. It is inedible raw but when cooked slowly over a low heat for a few hours they are suddenly bursting with flavor. Quince is a great addition to a traditional apple pie or added to bread pudding for a delicious twist on an old favorite.

Salsify may seem weird but is very tasty. This member of the sunflower family is called the “oyster root” because the flavor is vaguely reminiscent of oysters when cooked. You can boil, steam, cream or mash salsify. Once it is cooked it has the texture of an artichoke and some say the taste is similar.

Celeriac is very flavorful once roasted. It has a sweet and somewhat astringent flavor. When cleaning celeriac be sure to get all of the “skin” off as it becomes quite bitter. It oxidizes quickly so it needs to be dropped in a mixture of water and lemon. Celeriac when roasted makes a silky smooth, delicious soup.

We hope this clears up some of the myth surrounding these root vegetables and fall fruits. Happy cooking!

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Making Bread at Home

Good evening Epic friends & family. It has been awhile since our last post and we thought what better way to get back in the swing of things than with some inside tips on making bread at home.

Here at Epic we truly are a family that likes to get everyone involved with what we do. So I asked one of our talented Chefs, Justin Belluomini, to help me with this. After all who better to ask than the gent that makes the bread here at Epic for our new & delicious lunch menu.

So first we will talk about the ingredients used in all bread making. It is as simple as flour, water, salt & yeast. Yes, there are other ingredients used in some breads but these four truly are the heart of all bread.

I know that the task of making bread can seem daunting, choosing the yeast, the flower and making sure you know how to work with all of the ingredients separately and together. Instant or active-dry- there is no appreciative difference other than instant is more convenient. When choosing flour be sure to select a bread flour to get the optimal results but if you don’t have bread flour then go ahead and use AP flour, just be sure to check your measurements because you will need more flour. This is also true depending on what salt you choose. Kosher salt you will need more, table salt you will need less. If you have a handy scale it is best to weigh everything out.

All breads are made the same way:
First, the ingredients are mixed together, then the bread is kneaded until the gluten is sufficiently developed, the bread is then allowed to rise for a period of time (this is known as bulk fermentation and is where most of the flavor is developed), the bread is then shaped into loaves or rolls and allowed to rise again (this is known as proofing)and then the bread is baked and cooled.
Here is a link to a video on shaping:
title=”Shaping bread”>

After the bread is baked it needs to cool completely before being cut, otherwise they will come out gummy and less flavorful.

Batch Risen Dough is designed to be made in a large batch, risen and refrigerated for up to a week. When you are feeling like some home-made bread simply snip off 14-16 ounces, shape it and bake it. the bread’s flavor will develop over the next several days and become more intense and even take on some sourness.

Below is our basic recipe for an Italian Batch Risen Dough.
725 grams of 90 degree water
14 grams of instant yeast
25 grams of table salt
925 grams of all-purpose (AP) flour, we recommend King Arthur

*Place water into an 8 quart container & mix the yeast until dissolved, then add salt and immediately add flour, stir with wooden spoon until fully incorporated and let rise at room temperature for about 2 hours covered with a floured with a towel (not terry cloth) or parchment paper sprayed with oil, until it has slightly more than doubled in volume. Refrigerate dough for up to one week or minimum of 2 hours. When you are ready for that home-baked goodness, sprinkle flour across the entire surface of the dough and on your hand (to prevent dough from sticking), pull out around 14-18 ounces of dough. Loosely shape this into a ball and allow it to proof on parchment paper at room temperature for up to 90 minutes. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 30-35 minutes or until the internal temperature is 205 degrees (digital thermometer is preferred.) Let cool completely and enjoy!!

We hope you all have a wonderful & Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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July Fourth

I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming holiday. I know I am. We will be hosting a special happy hour BBQ on our fabulous patio. Also hosting will be Anchor Brewing and Skyy Vodka.
We will be offering a special BBQ menu including first of the season heirloom tomatoes with hand pulled mozzarella, pork shoulder and Schmitz Ranch brisket, rotisserie chicken, baked beans from the wood oven, potato salad, corn on the cob (probably with BACON BUTTER…a preview of High on the Hog)and ice cream cones. All of this with an Anchor Liberty Ale or Skyy vodka cocktail for $35 plus tax and gratuity. There maybe, just maybe (well, most likely will be)some specials on Drakes Bay Oysters as well.
I am super excited. Give us a call and let us know you are coming. It is gonna be a swell time!!

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Kitchen of Champions

saint vincent de paul of oakland

Celebrating graduation with a slice at Mission Pie

Over my ‘weekend’ I volunteered at the St. Vincent DePaul Society Kitchen of Champions in West Oakland, California. The students were a blast to work with and I am so happy to be a part of their learning experience.
Epic Roasthouse donated all of the flour and butter that we used in the recipes. My wife, Karoline Boehm-Goodnick, general manager at Mission Pie, was with me as well.
I would like to encourage all of you to check out the Kitchen of Champions webpage and help in any way you can. My friend Diana Petes is the Culinary Services Coordinator and can help with any questions you may have.

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High On The Hog

Pork and Pinot is back. California wineries specializing in Pinot Noir, a western theme (including appropriate music) and lots of pig.
Our annual celebration is back this year on Saturday, September tenth. I’m not going to provide you with lots of details right now (I like suspense) but call 415-369-9955 for more information and to make your reservation.
I will give you a couple food teasers: corn with bacon butter, something roasted on a spit, lots of pulled pork, and plenty of house-made and artisian charcuterie.
We hope to see you there,

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Wood Burning Brick Oven

As many of you know the soul of our kitchen is a wood burning brick oven. It is made of twenty-two thousand pounds of sand, brick and stone. We burn up to three cords of almond and walnut wood per month.

Many restaurants have wood ovens. We are different because we use ours so much. It is not just a place for pizzas and such. It provides us with a hot and smokey spot to cook everything from giant ribeye steak to Mediterranean sea bass to baby carrots. You can taste the smoke.

Maintaining a live fire for 18 hours a day is a challenge for our cooks and one that teaches us all so much about the act of really cooking. I hope that you appreciate what our oven means to us. Stop bye and peer in sometime.


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Mothers Day Brunch

First of all thanks to everyone who made Easter brunch at Epic great! If you are looking for a place in San Francisco to celebrate with your mom, Epic is the spot. We will be offering a prix fixe 3 course brunch from 10am to 3pm on Mother’s day and would love to see all of you here.


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